BFF Pencil 4


Create clean lines and prevent feathering disasters with our long-wearing and super pigmented lip liner designed to be worn under your fave matching lip colour.

Deep chestnut nude

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A long-wearing and high-intensity lip pencil that glides on easily and prevents feathering. Many of our Lippie Stix have a coordinating Lippie Pencil designed to compliment it perfectly, but feel free to mix and match!

Shade Nudes, Darks

Net Weight 1.0g (0.035oz)



Step One – Start with freshly exfoliated lips! Prime your lips with our Lippie Primer for smoother application and more comfortable wear!

Step Two – Apply your Lippie Pencil to your lips by following your natural lip line! If you would like added coverage you can fill your entire lips in with the pencil, next apply your favorite ColourPop lipstick!

– Applying a Lippie Pencil prior to lipstick application helps you achieve a perfected look, along with giving the appearance of fuller lips!

– You can wear your Lippie Pencil alone if you’d prefer!

Keep me sharp! Use our Pencil Sharpener when the point dulls for the most precise application.


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